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Luxury Upholstered Beds: 4 Fabric Styles, Over 50 Shades

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Arlo Upholstered Bed in English Goldenrod
Living It Up’s range of stunning Upholstered beds covers an array of designs that will complement almost any abode. Not only do we have a vast amount of upholstered bed designs to choose from, we also have over 50 different fabrics in 4 different styles to cover even the most unique tastes. Choose from our supersoft ‘Howell’ range or our eye catching velvet style ‘Beaufort’ range to add that wow factor.

Are you looking for a bed with an impressively large headboard? A bed with a low profile to fit into a loft space? ‘Living It Up’ will have a design to match your desire.

Emilio Upholstered Bed with Side Panels
Some of our customers are looking for the masterpiece to fit into their master bedroom. Living It Up has a range of paneled headboard beds that will be more than up to the job. Take the Emilio bed, when purchased with the side panels the luxurious upholstered headboard is a huge 261cm wide and 170cm high. A bed fit for a king.

Arthur Short Upholstered Bed in Gladstone Grey
The Arthur bed has been popular from the beginning. Living It Up first started selling luxury upholstered beds in 2009 and you can see why. With its large classic buttoned headboard it demands attention the moment you walk in the bedroom.

Elise Tall Upholstered Bed in Sandstone Beige
Arlo was a more recent bed design added to the Living It Up range and has made a worthy addition. The Arlo has a tall winged buttoned headboard with panel stitching that makes it the choice for modern abodes. The Elise bed has a glamorous tufted headboard and metal legs that has made it a popular choice with interior designers and homeowners.

Luxury Velvet Beds and Sofas

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Our Beautiful Velvets

Velvet is the perfect way to add a luxurious feel to your home. Our customers can’t get enough of this decadent velvet upholstered fabric. Our Beaufort range of fabrics showcases a fabulous range of velvet hues with the colour spectrum ranging from the classic pale silver grey and creamy white to a deep rich burgundy and striking royal blue.

Claudio Upholstered Sofa

Claudio Sofa & Armchair

Velvet furniture is at the pinnacle of Interior Design. All of the best Interior blogs and trendiest Instagram feeds feature a standout piece of furniture in this sumptuous fabric. Velvet immediately elevates the stylish qualities of any bed, sofa or chair. It is tactile, decadent and surprisingly hardy and it never fails to catch the eye.

Ashton Upholstered Sofa

The Ashton sofa is a brand new design to Living It Up’s range. Here it is shown in our gorgeous Beaufort Sedgewick Green velvet. The Ashton is a delightful mix of sharp contemporary lines and classic buttoning. We anticipate The Ashton to be one of our best selling sofas.

Sedgwick Green

Sedgwick Green is the perfect way to make a colour statement. Without it being too bold or obvious as the colour green has a very fresh and natural feeling that is reminiscent of being outdoors. Green is a colour known for helping to clear your mind. The dark hue of Sedgwick Green oozes luxury and it looks fabulous paired with almost any colour so is easy to incorporate into your decor.

Cadence Low Footboard Upholstered Bed

3Maisie Upholstered Sofa

Beaufort English Goldenrod velvet is a striking yet warm mustard yellow. We think there’s no better place for a colour injection of sunny yellow than in the bedroom. Here we introduce to you another brand new item, the Maxine bed.

Maxine Bed with Optional Side Panels

Maxine is one of our show stopping beds that features optional panels. The side panels attach to either side of the headboard creating an impressive backdrop that extends behind your nightstands and really allows the beautiful bed to take centre stage. The English Goldenrod velvet perfectly showcases the sumptuous horizontal panelling effect of the bed’s headboard. The colour brightens your mood, increases energy and is extremely uplifting. There would be no better place to wake up and start your day.

Maxine Upholstered Bed

Drew Corner Sofa

Cara Upholstered Chesterfield Sofa

Our Cara sofa is an absolute classic, it has been part of our range since the beginning and still reigns as one of our most loved sofa designs. The Chesterfield style is undeniably stylish and it just never goes out of fashion. The rolled arms and deep buttoning make it an iconic design that is timeless and elegant and ensure it will take centre stage in any home. Here, the Cara sofa has been given a bold makeover and we show you how it can be updated to reflect current trends without losing the classic features that we all love so much.

Regency Blue Fabric

Our Beaufort Regency Blue velvet has given the Cara sofa a fresh, new look. The deep, opulent blue hue evokes a feeling of calm and luxury. Will our Cara Chesterfield sofa find a place in your home?

Finn & Cara Upholstered Bed

Our Beaufort velvet range of fabrics has an impressive range of colours and you can view them all and order some free fabric samples here. If you are looking for a statement piece for your home then pairing our beautiful handmade furniture with one of our luxurious Beaufort velvets is a winning combination.

Maxwell Side Panel Upholstered Bed

Beds with Big Headboards

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Here at Living It Up we are constantly striving to improve our existing range. We’re always looking for ways to make our large headboard beds more accessible to a wider range of customers. For many years we have been making beds with statement headboards such as the Arthur bed, whilst this bed has always been our best seller we have found that not everyone has a delivery access route suitable for a headboard of this size. Therefore are restricted to the more simple designs with smaller headboards. We have spent a lot of time working closely with our manufacturer to come up with a solution to create a statement headboard. We think we’ve done it!

Maxwell Upholstered Side Panel Bed

Maxwell Upholstered Bed, With & Without Side Panels

Side Panel Upholstered Beds

We have recently added four new beds to our upholstered bed range that fit this brief. We’re sure that you’ll agree that these innovative designs are truly stunning. If you love the boutique hotel look you really should consider one of our side panel beds. Each of the styles are available to order with a standard headboard in varying designs. The genius bit is that you have the option to add on extra side panels. The side panels seamlessly attach by brackets to either side of the headboard to elongate the headboard and create a sensational feature of your bed. The side panels provide an impressive backdrop for your nightstands, giving that luxe hotel vibe. Which bed will you purchase?

Memphis Emilio Upholstered Beds

Memphis & Emilio Upholstered Beds

As with all of our upholstered beds we have a vast range of fabric options. Featuring over 50 different colours varying from cool neutral greys and pretty pastels to jewel coloured velvets and everything in between. The beds are exclusively handcrafted for Living It Up using only the finest materials. We even guarantee our frames for 10 years we’re so confident in their construction! The four designs are also available to order with the option of added underbed storage in which the frame that supports the mattress is mounted to hydraulics that enable you to swiftly raise the mattress to reveal the entire base below for plenty of extra storage.

Memphis Vincent Upholstered Side Panel Bed

The Maxwell Handmade Bed

The Maxwell bed has been a popular choice with our customers so far and has a simple yet striking design with vertical panelling which looks even more impressive upholstered in our Beaufort Sedgewick Green velvet. The combination of the panelling with sumptuous velvet is heavenly and the presence of the headboard extending behind the bedside tables really makes them and their accessories stand out.

Another one of our popular side panels beds is the Memphis. This bed has a lovely Art Deco feel to it with it’s clean diagonal lines. This versatile design would look great in any home and the chevron pattern draws the eye to the headboard. We can guarantee you’ll wake up here every day feeling relaxed and refreshed. As though you’ve just woken from a slumber in a luxury hotel, although you will have to make your own breakfast unfortunately!

Maxwell Upholstered Handmade Fabric Bed

You can find our other designs using the following links, we have the Vincent with stylish geometric panelling and the Emilio with contemporary line detail.

If you’d like to find out more please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


Bed in a Box by Living it Up

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Alison Upholstered Bed in a Box

Alison ‘Bed in A Box’

We are very happy to introduce one of our newest and most creative products yet, our Bed In A Box! We are extremely proud of this new addition. A lot of love and thought has gone into designing this innovative product. The Bed In A Box was created for our customers, who would like the option of extra sleeping space. Sofa beds can sometimes be a bit chunky and cumbersome and therefore not an option where space is limited. if this is the case for you then our Bed In A Box is the perfect solution!

Two Stunning Designs, same 52 Beautiful Fabrics

We have two stunning designs available to complement your existing decor. Each come in a choice of over 50 fabric colours in various finishes. The same fabrics are used for our existing range of upholstered furniture so the Bed In A Box is able to blend seamlessly. Alternatively, it works beautifully as a standalone piece too.

Milton And Alison Upholstered Bed

The Milton is simple and modern and upholstered in luxurious European fabric, the box is padded with high density foam so it provides a comfortable seat when not in use as a bed.

The Alison has a gorgeous button tufted design with traditional deep buttoning creating the iconic ‘Chesterfield’ look that is synonymous with luxury and elegance and still so popular in interior design today. The Alison also includes high density padding for comfort.

Milton Upholstered Bed in a Box

Milton ‘Bed In A Box’

Free Fabric Samples

Our range of fabrics include rugged, strongly woven textile, velvet and wool like finishes. Whether you are looking to colour match to blend in with existing furniture or make a statement with colour or texture there are plenty of options to choose from. We recommend injecting a little personality with a bold coloured velvet such as Sedgwick Green or Regency Blue. You can read about our range of fabrics and order some of our free fabric samples here.

Three Photo

Available in Regular, 2 Seater or 3 Seater Size

The standard ‘regular’ sized Milton and Alison designs are so compact that they can fit into the smallest of spaces. Their footprint is less than a metre square when folded away. Our Bed in A Box appears to be nothing more than a simple storage footstool. In fact, it will actually provide a stylish place to perch or put your feet up so it won’t ever be taking up valuable space. Folding out the bed is effortless thanks to the simple mechanism. Once in place the bed is extremely sturdy, comfortable and a generous size. Should space allow both the Milton and Alison can be made in a two or three seater size! Whether in a child’s bedroom for sleepovers, in an office or living room as a guest bed, with the ingenious Bed In A Box the possibilities are endless.


Our New Beds for Spring 2017

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Living It Up’s New Beds for Spring 2017

New Beds

Living It Up are proud to unveil our new beds for Spring 2017!  Our ever expanding range of upholstered home furniture is proud to include two new beds; our Attica upholstered bed and our Eleanor upholstered bed are here to add some style to this season.  You can see our entire range of upholstered beds on our website.

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Bespoke Sofa

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Bespoke Sofa

Bespoke sofa
Build your own bespoke sofa with Living It Up.  Whether your dream sofa features a symphony of buttons, a sundry of back cushions or a particular set of dimensions, we’re here to cater for all your bespoke sofa needs.  Have you seen the feet on one sofa that you think would look nice on another?  Is there a certain unique fabric you want to upholster your dream set?  Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss any alterations or new creations you have in mind.

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Chesterfield Sofas

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Living It Up’s Chesterfield Sofas

Ashton Upholstered Sofa

Chesterfield sofas are a traditional and ever-popular sofa design.  Distinguished by a classic buttoned backrest, these sofas evoke time-honoured luxury and style.  An outstanding example of this Chesterfield style of sofa is Living It Up’s Cara upholstered sofa.  With the fine craftsmanship and construction that is seen throughout Living It Up’s furniture range, the popular Cara sofa is only one example of a chesterfield sofa in our range.

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What Mattress

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Living It Up’s Guide to What Mattress to Get


When considering what mattress to get, there are many things to consider.  With many options of mattress on the market, the best idea is to focus on getting the right mattress type, whether it is  open coil; pocket sprung; pillow top or memory foam, and finding the right size, double; king or superking.  Thankfully, Living It Up has all these options available.

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